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Boasting a history as rich as the natural landscape, the residents of Yukon, OK are no stranger to the great outdoors. From the Czech Hall and yearly Crawfish Festival to the ‘Rock The Route’ country music celebration, there’s always something going on in the heart of this quaint little town. However, human residents aren’t the only things to refer to Yukon as their 'bedroom community.' Pests of all sorts are rushing to make Yukon properties their own, infesting residential homes, commercial enterprises, and everything in between.  

That’s why Urbanex is here to help. Family-owned and locally operated, Urbanex is Yukon, OK resident’s go-to pest control specialist for bed bugs, termites, and so much more. Our fast-acting treatments and state-of-the-art technologies allow us to treat your homes in the safest possible way. Reach out to the team at Urbanex today and discover the residential or commercial plan that’s right for you.

Residential Pest Control In Yukon, OK

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Your home should be a safe place in which to take refuge, not a pest-ridden building that prevents your family from feeling relaxed. Urbanex is proud to offer many unique kinds of services and treatment plans for homeowners, including power spraying, granulation, de-webbing, and more. We’re tough on pests, utilizing a four-step control system beginning with an initial servicing and full repellent product. One month after the initial servicing, Urbanex agents spring into action to create a protective barrier around the edge of your home and property. This degree of safety is maximized with three-month quarterly services, specifically developed to monitor and control pest outbreaks before they begin. 

From specialized insects to household vermin species, Urbanex is prepared to assist with all your pest control needs. Give us a call today to get started, or contact us online to speak with a virtual agent right away. 

Commercial Pest Control In Yukon, OK 

Running a successful business means putting everything on the line. A pest presence of any sort will quickly destroy your hard work, causing expensive property damage, concerning food contamination, and danger to customer's well-being. Urbanex helps business owners strike back quickly and efficiently against pests, using a multitude of green and eco-friendly products that protect the health of every person in your company. The following are some of the industries we are proud to service in Yukon:

  • Daycares 

  • Yacht Clubs 

  • Office Buildings 

  • Restaurants 

  • Veterinarian Hospitals 

  • Retail Stores 

Get commercial pest control services you can count on with a quick call to Urbanex today. 


Guide To Avoiding Bed Bugs In Yukon, OK 

Few things strike fear into the hearts of Yukon residents more than the humble bed bug. Hundreds of years of breeding, transmission, and improper treatments have given rise to a variety of super bed bugs that are increasingly hard to fight. Close to the metro area of Oklahoma City, Yukon, OK residents are even more at risk for acquiring, spreading, and suffering from the effects of these tiny household parasites.

Bed bugs are normally found in hot-spot areas of human travel. These locations normally include bus stations, train depots, airport terminals, hotels, Air BnBs, and even some hostels. This makes transmission and avoidance particularly difficult during holiday traveling seasons or vacation breaks. Thankfully, there are some steps that can be taken immediately to avoid bed bugs in Yukon, OK:

  • Store all luggage high up off the ground. If in a hostel or other lodging space, store bags and laundry in the bathtub. 

  • Wash all clothing on the highest heat setting after a trip, regardless if you wore them or not. 

  • Check for signs of bed bug activity in all lodging, transportation, and vacation hot-spots. 

If you think or know that bed bugs are already active in your home, now is the time for action. Get the specialized bed bug treatment services of Urbanex today. 


Do You Know How To Protect Your Yukon, OK Home From Termite Damage? 

Termites cause over five billion dollars’ worth of damages to households every single year. By chewing through important support beams and structural aids, termites quickly degrade and demolish the value of a home. While powerful treatments and professional help may remove a termite presence from the property, the best bet for a Yukon, OK resident is to enact preventative measures before the pests arrive. 

  • Use dehumidifiers and other desiccant bags to reduce moisture levels in the building. Treat all clogged drains and leaking pipes for the best results. 

  • Reduce access to the building by sealing cracks, gaps, and other crevices in the structure with waterproof caulking.

  • Refrain from using mulch around the immediate exterior of the building. Instead, invest in peat gravel or river stone, which keep termites away from the home or business and reduce the chances of infestation. 

Concerned that termites may already be eating away on your property? Get a complimentary inspection for your home or business fast by scheduling an appointment with Urbanex today. 



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