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Tuttle, Oklahoma is a small but vibrant town founded as a farming and ranching community in the early 1900s. In the years since it has grown into a thriving yet cozy community and an excellent place to live. Unfortunately, the fact that Tuttle is a great place for humans to live also makes it a very appealing place to the pests that call Oklahoma home. 
If you’ve begun experiencing pest problems around your Tuttle home or business, or want to keep yourself protected for the future, look no further than Urbanex for help. Our team of trained technicians has all the tools and knowledge you need to keep you pest-free both now and tomorrow, so reach out to us today and find out why more Oklahoma residents are turning to Urbanex for all their pest control needs. 

Residential Pest Control In Tuttle, OK

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Pest problems in Tuttle, OK homes are typically far more dangerous to your health and your house than you might think. Take invasive rodents, for instance. Armed with sharp teeth and a constant desire to chew, they’ll bring tons of damage to your home. Plus, rodents like mice and rats, along with other insects like roaches, can bring dangerous bacteria into your home, putting you at risk of serious illnesses as well.
While dealing with pest problems one at a time can expose you to health hazards and home damage, professional pest solutions from Urbanex can get rid of your pest problems for good. With effective eradication measures and guaranteed prevention methods, our pest technicians only need to visit three or four times a year to create a comfortable and safe environment on your property.

Commercial Pest Control In Tuttle, OK

While the residents of Tuttle, OK are at risk of incurring a variety of infestations, the danger is even more severe for the business owners and managers in the area. Invasive pests and rodents can create huge problems for businesses, like contaminating stored foods, ruining inventory, causing failed health inspections, and detracting from employee health and productivity.
Even more concerning is the damage that pests or rodents could do to your reputation in the community, which is why Urbanex provides custom prevention plans for every type of business around. With technicians who can come help at a moment's notice, along with quarterly treatments based on your preferred schedule, Urbanex provides the best commercial pest control in the area.


Are Brown Recluse Spiders In Tuttle, OK Dangerous?

While there are a number of different spider species in the Tuttle area, the brown recluse is one of the only spiders you need to worry about. Fortunately, it’s very rare to come into contact with a brown recluse, but many people tend to misidentify other spiders for these venomous pests.
The brown recluse spider is very small (about the size of a quarter), and light brown in color. Their translucent legs and the dark brown violin shape on their backs are their more distinguishing features. They’ll spin messy webs low to the ground in your low-traffic outdoor spaces like under your porch or deck. If they do wind up in the house, they’ll stick to low traffic areas where they are most likely to find other insects, which is their favorite food.
Since they love to prey on insects, general pest prevention measures are the best way to limit your chances of a brown recluse infestation and the dangerous effects of its venomous bite. These methods include:

  •  Cleaning regularly
  • Controlling moisture issues

  • Proper food and trash storage

  • Lawn maintenance

  • Decluttering low-traffic areas

While these measures can be effective, they are not guaranteed to prevent insects and spiders. Urbanex, however, can provide the professional treatments to get rid of pest and spider activity on your property for good, and we’re just one call away.


Guide To Avoiding Termite Damage In Tuttle, OK

Another dangerous misconception that Tuttle residents generally make is that termites won’t happen to them. However, termites are a much more common problem than many people think. These small, wood-eating pests are highly attracted to moistened wood that’s been exposed to moisture buildup. In order to decrease your odds of a termite infestation, managing moisture issues is a must. To do so, the following methods are recommended:

  • Dehumidifiers in basements and crawl spaces

  • Monitoring your pipes closely for leaks

  • Gutters and downspouts to expel rainwater away from the home

  • Proper lawn care and maintenance

Along with managing your moisture buildup, you’ll want to limit termite accessibility into your home. By storing firewood at least 20 feet away from the house, you can redirect a potential infestation away from the house. Plus, you’ll want to limit soil to wood contact around the outside of the house. Since termites will tunnel underground until they find a suitable source of food, a 12-18” buffer between your house and the soil in the yard can deter an infestation as well. Using gravel, pine straw, or rubber mulch to create this buffer will be most effective.
Now, make sure to understand that these methods simply limit your chances of an infestation. The only guaranteed method of avoiding a costly termite infestation is to call the pros at Urbanex. Whether it’s roaches, rats, termites, or another frustrating home-invader, make sure Urbanex is your first call.



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