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Effective Pest Solutions For Bethany, OK Properties

Bethany, a city in Oklahoma County, is a suburb of Oklahoma City within the city’s metropolitan area. When pests such as termites, rodents, cockroaches, or bed bugs cause problems in your Bethany home or business, you need professional pest control services from Urbanex. Our experienced service technicians are equipped with the right knowledge, products, and methods necessary to get rid of all kinds of common area pests.

No matter whether you need general pest control services or specialized treatments, we are ready to provide tailored and customizable plans based on the specific needs of your property and pest situation. With our skilled professionals working the job, you can rest assured that the protection of your Bethany home or business is in good hands. Reach out to Urbanex with all of your pest control needs for excellent pest management services designed to eliminate and prevent pest problems throughout the entire year.

Home Pest Control In Bethany, OK

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Each year brings with it a new set of challenges. And for many homeowners, one of those challenges is pest infestations. The best way to prevent pests from invading your Bethany home is by putting into place a year-round home pest control program from Urbanex.

Our home pest control plans are provided quarterly and include four services throughout the year, with one treatment occurring each month. These treatments are designed to form a protective barrier around your home and prevent new pest infestations from arising between visits.

In the unlikely event that pest problems reappear between scheduled Quarterly Service visits, we provide complimentary re-treatments. For more information about what’s included in our home pest control program, or to schedule your free inspection, contact the service technicians here at Urbanex today.

We’re happy to protect your Bethany home and family from the area’s toughest pests through the use of effective, high-quality, and environmentally responsible pest control services.

Commercial Pest Control In Bethany, OK

There’s no such thing as a successful business when a pest infestation is involved. Invading pests can damage your inventory, spread a wide range of dangerous diseases, scare away your customers, and harm the reputation of your Bethany business. To keep destructive and disease-spreading pests out of your commercial facility, the professionals at Urbanex are proud to provide ongoing commercial services. We utilize environmentally responsible products and proven methods of pest prevention to ensure your business remains pest-free all year long. Whether you own a retail store, daycare, office building, restaurant, or other business, the professionals here at Urbanex have you covered. Don’t wait for pests to threaten the success and reputation of your Bethany business. Instead, give a call to the service technicians here at Urbanex to receive the professional commercial pest control services you deserve.

Common Problems Rodents Cause In Bethany, OK

Rodents are common pests that invade many homes and businesses each year. These small pests infest properties most often in the fall and winter as the weather cools and resources become more scarce, but are common pests during other points throughout the year as well. Rodent infestations can lead to many problems, such as property damage, contamination, and the spread of disease.

A few of the most common problems invading rodents cause include:

  • Chewing on almost everything,  including furniture, wires, structural beams, pipes, personal items, and more to wear down their continuously-growing front teeth
  • Ripping up insulation, paper, clothing, and other soft items to use for their nesting material
  • Leaving urine and feces throughout your property, which leads to foul odors and health risks
  • Contaminating food items, countertops, and other surfaces with a wide variety of harmful bacteria and human pathogens
  • Spreading numerous diseases, including hantavirus, Lassa fever, leptospirosis, plague, rat-bite fever, tularemia, and salmonellosis

Rodents multiply at a rapid rate, with some female mice producing up to 15 litters per year. Without the right protection, even a small rodent infestation can become a large one in a short time. Give your Bethany home or business the protection it needs by reaching out to Urbanex for effective rodent control solutions.

Guide To Avoiding Termite Damage In Bethany, OK

Have you ever wondered how termites get away with the amount of damage they cause to homes and businesses? Surely, no one would allow termites to inflict significant structural damage to their property without seeking help, right? The unfortunate reality is that most property owners are unaware of the presence of termites until after serious damage has already been done. Termites are silent destroyers, which means they can infest your home and cause extensive damage undetected. This is why the best way to prevent termite damage is to prevent termites from invading in the first place.

Avoid attracting termites to your Bethany home by implementing the termite prevention tips listed below:

  • Remove areas of direct wood-to-soil contact.
  • Keep at least 12-18 inches between the soil and wooden portions of your property.
  • Minimize sources of excess moisture by installing a dehumidifier, removing water-damaged wood, and repairing leaky pipes.
  • Eliminate entry points by sealing gaps around your doors, windows, and exterior walls.

For help with your termite problems, we provide quality termite control solutions. Don’t hesitate to give a call to the service technicians here at Urbanex today. 


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